3 Things You Can Do To Start Socializing with More Women… Today

In the world of attraction and romance it is almost always the man’s role to initiate first social contact. But what types of behaviors and attitudes should we be expressing around women to make them interested in us? Take a look at these Three important male signaling behavior upgrades that you can make to yourself […]

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No Fear, No Shame!

I love Mike’s books, they’re loaded with solid ideas about how to advance your romantic prospects. Excellent!

Terry Willis

Mike’s books are MILES ahead of all the typical “alpha male” unrealistic junk that you find out there everywhere.

Tony Poem

This this book is full of highly intelligent perspectives about male-female relationships. Very profound and life-changing…

Elijah Powell

Your humorous delivery and crisp writing style make your books the most enjoyable e-books I’ve ever encountered…

Arias Sunne

I just wanted to thank you for writing this book. It has given me a new found optimism born of confidence!

Ray Masters

As always, far more value than I’d expected – Mike Pilinski’s writing makes me think in totally new ways.

Randy Milne